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At Nicoletti-Flater Associates, we believe in empowering individuals and organizations to take responsibility for their personal and organizational mental health. As a result of this belief, we have been involved in the development and implementation of numerous peer support teams for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and government agencies. 

The overall goal of a peer support program is to establish a support network for members of a department/agency who can assist individuals with developing and maintaining resiliency and also serve as an early warning system for potential problems through the use of appropriate referrals either within or outside of the department/agency. 
Although peer support programs can vary in their function from critical incident response to peer counseling, members of a peer support teams receive specialized training in a variety of areas including: stress and anger management, mental illness, substance abuse, family survival tactics, suicide prevention, and general counseling skills. A peer support team can offer in-house guidance to personnel as to strategies that can assist with maintaining general mental wellness, while also educating them about adaptive coping skills and symptoms of stress contamination.
For more information about hosting a 40-hr. POST certified Peer Support training for new team members, receiving advanced training for your entire team, or for ongoing consultation and support services, please contact: or call 303-989-1617. 

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